The case of the bloody trunk

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Goals :

Main mission :

  • Prove that both Mr. and Ms. Goold are guilty in less than 60 minutes 

Side missions: 

  • Find the missing body parts 
  • Get Ms. Levin’s jewelry 



Here you are, professional investigators. 

1907, Monaco, "Le Rocher". A few days ago, the Goold were arrested in possession of a bloody trunk containing parts of the dead body of Ms. Lévin. 

If Mr. Goold has not stopped from changing his version of events, there is no doubt that he is guilty… However, he is not the only one involved in this affair. Indeed, during your investigation, you have found that his wife is not as innocent as she pretends to be. Worse! She could even be the mastermind behind the scheme… 

Problem is… she has perfectly covered her arrears and if you are not able to prove that she is guilty within 60 minutes, she will be released. 

The investigation has led you in the streets on the Rocher, where you suspect the Goold to hide a stash, rent under another name. You will have to find it and go inside by all costs to find out the hints…

Watch out! Don’t go too fast, listen carefully and look around you… because the walls have ears and the people living on the Rocher hold more information than you believe…

To play in English, please call +(377) 97 98 57 85.

Maximum player :

Level :