Escape Monte-Carlo


Winston Churchill was a great man – and a great gambler, too. Everyone has heard of the game he lost at the Casino de Monte-Carlo in 1939, that he’d wanted to resume after the war in 1945... More than anything though, he was a man who never showed his softer side, except when it came to one creature: his parrot, Toby. The pair were always together...


The year is 1961, and Churchill is staying in his regular suite at the Hôtel de Paris, a suite that now bears his name. However, this time there has been somewhat of a catastrophe: Toby has flown away! Everyone has rallied in the Carré d’Or to search the gardens for him...but it is no good. Rewards are offered to anyone who finds the bird, but to no avail...Toby has disappeared.


Are you up to the challenge? Can you find Toby before Mr Churchill’s train leaves – an hour and a half from now? 

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