live escape game, What is it ?

Live escape game is a life-size experience. Players over 14 years old people are locked in a room and must escape in less than 60 minutes. A collaborative and playful activity.
in family,
with friends,
or with your colleagues
Investigate and solve the riddles!
you have
one hour
to escape
in team of 3 to 6
Are you up for the challenge ?

Our rooms

Solve riddles, investigate and complete your mission... Are you ready to escape ?
Christmas is coming : Welcome to Joulupukki
Christmas is coming : Welcome to Joulupukki

Christmas is coming : Welcome to Joulupukki

December 24th, 11pm : the 8 deers are missing... 

They have been deernapped ! The Anti-Christmas gnomes must be under that awfull joke. They even sabotaged the sledge !

Dear goblinvestigators, Santa Claus needs your help ! You have 60 minutes to fix the sledge and find the deers otherwise thousands of children won't have their presents tomorrow morning. 



The cursed room
The cursed room

The cursed room

Monaco, nowadays… A room that has been known to be haunted since 06/06/2006… Between unexplained disappearances and disconcerting events, you, newly graduated journalists, decide to go there with the aim of writing on the subject and finding the article of the century! The perfect launch for your career… Despite the receptionist's warnings, you get an access for 66 minutes.The hotel assumes no liability in the event of an incident…



New Jersey, Roaring Twenties, Prohibition and Speakeasies… We are in the 1920s and all the wealthy New Yorkers whom are missing parties, games and alcohol, are crawling at Dany’s, the most famous underground bar of the moment.           

As the pioneers of the local smuggling, you, renowned gangsters, get your headquarters there.

The only trouble is : you have been denounced and the police has just carried out a raid. Awaiting for some reinforcement, the police has locked you out, handcuffed, in one of the playrooms, which means that you have likely 60 minutes to slip away! 


3 players
35 € / player *
4 players
30 € / player *
5 players +
28 € / player *
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Professionals ?

The live escape game : the essential ingredient for a good team-building !